Support for wool industry training program

Thursday, October 05, 2023

Stock Journal Technical Column - August 2023

The South Australian Wool Training Advisory Group (WoolTAG) is committed to supporting skilled wool training programs within the state and to work with training providers to deliver a reliable training program into the future. The Group is a voluntary committee launched in 2003 focused on supporting the wool industry through ensuring there is a skilled training program within the state to continue to build a sustainable and resilient workforce. 

WoolTAG works closely with training providers and industry representatives to ensure that shearing, wool handling and wool classing programs meet the needs of the industry through;

  • Review of training model to encourage more enrolments
  • Review opportunities for increased ‘Wool Awareness’
  • Continued support of the Ambassadors Program

An initiative of WoolTAG to encourage and support new participants into the wool handling industry is through the provision of WoolTAG Tool Box vouchers.

The WoolTAG Tool Box voucher was created to acknowledge the achievements of shearing sector students and to encourage them to stay in the industry by assisting them in purchasing their shearing equipment and other associated items. Getting young people into shearing sheds – and keeping them there – has been one of the toughest jobs facing the wool industry. Unlike most other trades, shearers and wool classers do not undertake a traditional apprenticeship, instead they must support themselves to undertake training and gain the necessary experience to work in the industry.

WoolTAG provides a voucher for new trainees that can only be redeemed at businesses providing shearing supplies to the value of up to $500 for shearers and $200 for wool handlers/shed hands. The tool boxes help young graduates to go into the industry with some assistance with tools that allow them to enter and most importantly be retained in industry.

The ToolBox Vouchers would not be possible without the generous financial contributions from:

  • AJ & PA McBride Pty Ltd
  • Michell Wool Pty Ltd
  • Pandurra Pastoral
  • SA Sheep Industry Fund
  • AWI