SheepConnect SA

'connecting people in the business of sheep'

SheepConnect SA is supporting the development of the SA Sheep Industry and is 'connecting people in the business of sheep' by:

  • providing timely, technical information to assist in on-farm management decisions
  • group support for learning activities to address issues that impact on your sheep business
  • linking groups to the experts, researchers and funders
  • collaborating with other industry programs and service providers

SheepConnect SA is a partnership between Australian Wool Innovation Limited, Primary Industries and Regions SA and the SA Sheep Industry Fund.

Latest News

Improving reproduction efficiency through pregnancy scanning

Monday, January 28, 2019
The Clarke’s own and operate Pine Grove, situated 40 km southeast of Hawker. They manage 6,000 merino ewes with approximately 45% being a self-rep ..Read More