Ewe Health

Ewe nutrition is critically important in avoiding health issues... Read More


Reducing the impacts of worms in sheep can be achieved through grazing and the use of effective and timely drenches... Read More


Prevention of sheep blowfly strike requires a planned integrated approach. This is more important with increasing levels of insecticide resistance... Read More


Sheep are prone to infestation by body lice, face lice and foot lice but only the body louse presents a serious problem. Many sheep body louse populations are resistant to pyrethroid or insect growth regulator lousicides. The continued use of these products against resistant lice populations is one reason that some flocks remain infested...Read More


Correct vaccination is important in preventing a number of sheep health issues...Read More


Some plants can cause significant health issues for sheep. Knowing which plants are of concern can reduce the risk...Read More

Foot Issues

Lameness is a symptom of several different foot conditions affecting sheep. Diagnosis is important for the welfare of animals and to ensure Footrot is not the cause...Read More


Health, welfare and biosecurity are key areas of importance...Read More

Sheep Diseases - The Farmers Guide: This guide has been designed as a quick-reference tool to help farmers take action when faced with a broad range of sheep diseases... Download a copy (NB 6.3 MB)