Sheep are prone to infestation by body lice, face lice and foot lice but only the body louse presents a serious problem. Many sheep body louse populations are resistant to pyrethroid or insect growth regulator lousicides. The continued use of these products against resistant lice populations is one reason that some flocks remain infested.


Lice infestations reduce fleece weight and downgrade wool quality, costing the sheep industry $81 million each year in treatment costs and loss production.

LiceBoss contains the latest information on lice and management including Liceboss Tools and LiceBoss Notes to help:

  • Prevent new infestations;
  • Detect infestations through structured monitoring; and
  • Eradicate infestations in short and long wool sheep and manage chemical residues in wool.

For more information visit the Liceboss website.


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