Livestock Management


Ewe management is important for increasing lambing percentages and improving the welfare of the breeding ewe.


Around 70% of lamb mortality that occurs between birth and weaning occurs within the first 48 hours of a lambs life. Lamb survival is related to lamb birth-weight.  Lamb birth weight is strongly related to the nutrition of the ewe during pregnancy, particularly late pregnancy.


The most important concept for managing weaners is to get them to their ‘critical’ weight at the start of summer.


Careful ram selection and management is critical for flock improvement and good lambing perecentages.


Good infrastructure, including shearing sheds and sheep yards help to make the handling of sheep easier. Good design is important for the welfare of animals and also the workers.


Management of sheep can be labour intensive. Implementing strategies, inlcuding having good working dogs, assists in managing larger numbers successfully.