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Australian Merino Superior Sires

Find top-performing sires from independent sire evaluation trials operating around Australia. Merino Superior Sires assesses sire breeding performance on traits important to breeders in Australian conditions.

Australian Wool Innovation

Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) is a not-for-profit company owned by more than 29,000 Australian woolgrowers. AWI invests in research, development, innovation and marketing along the global supply chain for Australian wool. SheepConnect is funded by AWI.


EverGraze is developing and testing new farming systems in different environments across the high rainfall zone of southern Australia. The target is to increase profits of sheep and cattle enterprises by up to 50% and at the same time improve water management, use of perennials, biodiversity and soil health.


Meat and Livestock Australia

Meat and livestock Australia (MLA) is a producer-owned company, working in partnership with industry and government to achieve a profitable and sustainable red meat and livestock (cattle, sheep and goats) industry in Australia.

Landscape Boards of South Australia

National Livestock Identification Scheme Database

SA Livestock Consultants

SA Livestock Consultants is a group of independent consultants who provide services to the livestock industry across South Australia and interstate. The group formed in 2010 to improve consulting services to, and build the capacity of the broadacre livestock industry. Currently, the group consists of 13 independent livestock and business consultants, representing 11 businesses.

Sheep CRC

The Sheep CRC (CRC for Sheep Industry Innovation) is a partnership of Australia's leading sheep industry organisations and is supported under the Australian Government's Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) Program. The aim of the CRC Program is to turn Australia's innovations into successful new products, services and technologies, and make the Australian sheep industry more efficient, productive and competitive.

Sheep Genetics Australia

Sheep Genetics is the national genetic information and evaluation service for the meat and wool sectors of the sheep industry delivered as LAMBPLAN and MERINOSELECT. The purpose of Sheep Genetics is to improve the quality, scope and utilisation of across-flock, and where appropriate, across breed genetic information for the Australian sheep industry.

South Australian Sheep Advisory Group

The South Australian Sheep Advisory Group (SASAG), established under the Livestock Act 1997, provides advice to the Minister for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries on the operation of this Act as it relates to property registration, industry codes of practice, vendor declarations and relevant regulations for the sheep industry as appropriate.

SASAG is also responsible for providing the Minister with advice on the use of the Sheep Industry Fund.

SA Sheep Industry Blueprint