Water is a valuable resource for all farm businesses. Water sources and availability differ across and within regions. It is important that your farm water system is economical, efficient and reliable. The following resources provides information that will assist in addressing water issues.


Farm Water Security - Stock Journal Feature

Case Study

Rotational Grazing and Water Infrastructure


Water - 10 minute tech

Water Planning

Water Planning to ensure a property will have an adequate supply of water to meet all requirements is a must

Water for Livestock

Adequate and reliable supplies of good quality stock water are just as important as feed during summer. Water infrastructure must be able to supply all requirements during this time.


Graded or sheeted catchments provide an opportunity to increase the amount of run-off from the catchment above a receiving farm dam. 

Water Monitoring/Telemetry

Technologies are available to monitor water remotely providing real time data on flows and levels. Technology also allows the use of poorer quality water by blending with fresh water.


Well-designed and constructed dams are farm assets, safe and require little maintenance. Poor design and construction can lead to excessive costs, downstream erosion and risks to property and people.