Leak Detection Devices

Water is a precious resource that all farm businesses rely on; with many having to rely solely on mains water. With mains water costs more than doubling this has significantly contributed to farm operating costs. Producers need to be more water wise and undertake regular monitoring of water usage. In more recent times leak detection systems are being used by producers to monitor daily water flows.

The leak detection systems are fitted to the mains meters and monitor water flows. Regular reports via text messaging or on the internet provide producers with up to date information on water usage. High water flows overnight and early morning typically indicates a leak in the system. This frequent monitoring enables producers to almost instantly detect when a leak occurs, potentially avoiding excessive water bills.



The system consists of the unit fitted to the water meter which communicates through a mobile network (i.e. Telstra NextG) directly to a database and web server. Water usage is recorded and uploaded at 15 minute intervals. The data is then provided directly by SMS or by accessing the web.



Water usage is provided in tables and graphs.