Water Affecting Activities

Water resources across the regions are precious and need to be managed sustainably. Our water resources are under increasing pressure. Careful management is needed to ensure that they are used sustainably and that ecosystems that depend on water are protected. This is particularly important given the impact that climate change may have across the regions.
Some activities can have adverse impacts on the health and condition of water resources and the ecosystems that depend on them, as well as on other water users. Each region has their own requirements regards water affecting activities. Some activities may require a permit. Refer to the relevant regional link for further information for your farm business.
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Water affecting activities may include:

  • constructing or enlarging dams or structures that collect or divert water
  • building structures, obstructing or depositing solid materials in a watercourse (e.g. erosion control, constructing water crossings or dumping material)
  • excavating material from a watercourse (e.g. excavating or cleaning soaks, waterholes and on-stream dams)
  • destroying vegetation in a watercourse (e.g. removal of reeds)
  • draining or discharging water or brine into a watercourse (e.g. desalination waste, stormwater, including urban discharge, drainage and salinity control)
  • drilling, deepening and back filling wells, bores and ground water access trenches.