Containment Feeding of Sheep

Have you just been through a period of having to supplementary feed your stock due to lack of good quality feed in your stubbles and pastures?

Containment feeding is an option that many livestock producers use with great success. There are some excellent sources of information out about supplementary feeding livestock and how containment feeding can be incorporated into your farming business for both economic and environmental advantages.

Birchip Cropping Group (BCG) in Victoria have developed some fantastic YouTube videos on this topic, so for more information click on the links below:

Why should I build a containment area?

How do I choose a location for a containment area?

How to manage sheep in a containment area?

How to make the transition out of a containment area?

Farmer view - Why I established a containment area

The Sheep's Back program in WA recently held a webinar on confinement feeding in late breaks. The webinar can be viewed on YouTube