Working together to promote good biosecurity

Friday, October 26, 2018

One Biosecurity is a voluntary PIRSA farm biosecurity program encouraging and promoting the adoption of good farm practices and risk management across South Australia’s sheep industry.

It’s designed to complement other accreditation programs and meets the requirements for a Biosecurity plan under the Livestock Production Assurance Program - and it’s free, online and simple to undertake.

It also reflects the latest advice and requirements based on the recent changes to the Ovine Johne’s Disease and footrot programs in South Australia.

Central to the One Biosecurity program is a free online application, which allows producers to record and assess their biosecurity practices and to share that information with other producers and potential buyers.

After answering a biosecurity questionnaire, producers will be able to receive a biosecurity rating for their enterprise. Producers can also elect to complete disease risk ratings for specific endemic diseases that occur in South Australia.

South Australian producers can register on the One Biosecurity website ( which provides an intuitive self-guided process through the program’s two main components: the Biosecurity Practices Questionnaire, and Disease Risk Rating modules.

Producers have the choice to share their biosecurity profiles or to keep them private and the information is verified through audit processes.

Kangaroo Island producer Michael Stanton, from Stokes Bay Genetics, said he’s been wanting a program like One Biosecurity to come along for a while now.

“It’s a great initiative. We work hard in protecting our breeding stocks and making sure our stud clients can have confidence in the products they are receiving and this program will definitely help us demonstrate all we do,” Mr Stanton said.

“I ended up getting on and doing the registration myself and it didn’t take long. It’s pretty simple and getting to print out an updated sheep health declaration at the end is great.

“I’ve also set it up so it keeps track of all the vaccinations and accreditations we have – so we can make sure we stay up-to-date.”

Mr Stanton said he’d encourage all sheep producers to get on board.

“The more who use it the better it will become. The auditing process will also be a great way of making sure clients and buyers have confidence in program too,” he said.

The One Biosecurity program provides a platform for safe trading and encourages producers to ask appropriate questions which have a bearing to their enterprise biosecurity.

The disease risk rating modules provide pathways for improving one’s disease status by identifying the key practices which influence disease risk. The independently assessed disease status complements or gives the same level of assurance as accreditation programs.

Once completed it will provide an industry-approved Biosecurity plan and a pre-filled sheep health declaration.

One Biosecurity emphasises the link between practices and biosecurity outcomes.

It is aimed at promoting a culture of good practices, which will improve the producers’ resilience to animal health challenges.

For further detail refer to the One Biosecurity web page or consult with your local PIRSA Biosecurity officer.