Planning for a non-mulesed Merino enterprise

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Increasing numbers of Merino enterprises are moving away from relying on mulesing as their main tool to reduce the risk of breech flystrike. Instead, enterprises are turning to other control methods, such as breeding for low breech wrinkle and dags, increasing reliance on worm and fly control chemicals, additional crutching and accelerated shearing to manage the risk of breech flystrike on their properties.

Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) have produced a report that outlines the key learnings from a number of wool-growing enterprises that have moved to a non-mulesed enterprise. It is intended to assist other woolgrowers in their consideration and planning to also move to a non-mulesed Merino enterprise.

View the full report on planning for a non-mulesed Merino enterprise here.

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