Dry Times Information Resources

Monday, July 30, 2018

In dry times it is important to make risk management decisions early. The following links are to resources that may assist you to make management decisions on-farm, and look after your mental health.

Feeding & managing sheep in dry times

Managing fodder prices for drought

Which sheep do I keep?

Feed budgeting for ewes in the dry season

Managing sheep in droughtlots

A series of factsheets developed originally for Upper South East farmers to manage livestock and farm finances in dry seasons cover some useful information including:

  • Livestock management options
  • Feed budgeting in a drought
  • Drought management checklist for livestock
  • Calculating supplementary feed amounts - Sheep
  • Ration formulation using the ‘Pearson Square’
  • Basic ration diet formulation
  • Calculating dry matter intakes
  • Dry matter vs As fed
  • Comparing the costs of feed

Access factsheets now

The factsheets have been produced by Primary Industries and Regions SA and Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources with the support of MacKillop Farm Management Group and Sheep Connect SA.

Looking after your mental health