Containment Areas - More Information

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Looking for more information on setting up a containment area, managing sheep or releasing sheep from containment? A range of fact sheets and further information is available, including on considerations for setting up a containment area – size of pens, water supply and feeding systems. Other documents contain information on feeding sheep and releasing animals from containment. If you want further information on any topic, search the AWI and SheepConnect SA websites.

Stock containment areas: More than a drought measure (Natural Resources Adelaide and Mt Lofty Ranges)

This document provides an overview of setting up a containment area including discussion on site requirements, size and construction and design, water, feeding, and a checklist for setting up/management of livestock in containment. 

Managing breeding ewes in containment areas: A guide for producers (Meat and Livestock Australia)

This document may assist in decisions specific to managing breeding ewes in containment and the potential effects of this on health and lamb marking rates.

Feeding and managing sheep in dry times (Australian Wool Innovation)

This document provides farmers with practical guidelines and examples, for feeding and managing sheep during dry seasons and drought years. Many of the topics are relevant to feeding in a containment area. Note 80 pages

Releasing sheep from containment feeding (Australian Wool Innovation)

This document provides practical guidelines for releasing sheep from containment feeding including paddock conditions, animal requirements, consideration for timing of release and managing release from containment. Note 12 pages