SA Sheep Industry Forum - 2014

Sheep industry representatives gathered for the SA Sheep Industry Forum at the Waite Institute on the 13th March 2014.

The aims of the forum were:

  • To provide a forum whereby industry stakeholders are provided with updates on activities/programs occurring and relevant to the SA Sheep Industry
  • To provide an opportunity for industry stakeholders to network and identify opportunities for collaboration
  • To provide an opportunity whereby SA industry stakeholders can interact with the R&D corps
  • To use the forum to identify gaps in knowledge, opportunities and issues relevant to the SA Sheep Industry that may need to be addressed.

Forum agenda and speaker details

Nearly 50 issues/opportunities were identified by the 40 representatives attending the forum. The top 6 issues/opportunities included:

Ian Carmichael has provided 3 papers on findings from his research on worms

For further details on the SA Sheep Industry Forum please contact Ian McFarland on 0437 659 353

The 2014 SA Sheep Industry Forum was funded by the SA Sheep Industry Fund