Sheep Management Tools

The following links will provide you access to some very useful sheep management tools.

Feedlot Calculator

The web based gross margin feedlot calculator developed by Dave Stanley and Geoff Duddy of NSW DPI enables the user to enter different real time production, economic and feeding scenarios to estimate likely profit for a lamb feedlotting enterprise. For those not experienced with lamb feedlotting it is suggested that the linked nutrition information (eg. agnote on feedlotting lambs) be read


Sheep are affected by both breech strike and body strike – FlyBoss provides you with the latest information to reduce the risk through management and breeding approaches and provides information on treatment of flystrike outbreaks.


LiceBoss is a decision support system which can help woolgrowers control lice more effectively, minimise pesticide residues and reduce the cost of lice control. 

Precision Sheep Management webinar recordings

These recordings were made from live webinar presentations with an audience of sheep producers interested in introducing Precision Sheep Management to their enterprises. The recordings have only minimal editing so you will hear the points of clarification and the questions asked by the live audience.


WormBoss is a tool that has been developed by Australian Wool Innovation Limited (AWI) and the Australian Sheep Industry CRC (Sheep CRC) in order to help producers to maximise the timing and effectiveness of drenching and other worm management practices.