Animal Health Webinars

Enhanced Abattoir Surveillance program - Dr Elise Spark  (SheepConnect SA)

Cost effective vaccination programs - Ass. Prof. Bruce Allworh & Dr Matt Playford (MMFS)  

Footrot – all you need to know - Sam Allan, Scott Ison, James Maslin  (SC NSW) 

Humpy Back in Sheep - Dr Binendra Pratap (Leading Sheep)  

“Plan ahead, save lambs” - successful outcome - Dr Gordon Refshauge (SC NSW)        

Reproductive problems in sheep - Diseases and trace elements - Ass. Prof. Bruce Allworth (MMFS)        

Sheep Lice- Getting them out, keeping them out of emerging sheep genetics - Dr Peter James (MMFS)

Summer Worm Management - Dr Rob Woodgate  (MMFS)