Sheep Technology Workshops

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Technology needs to be more than just toys. Having technology can assist in collecting lots of information, but why collect it and how do you handle all the information?

SheepConnect SA plan to run Sheep Technology workshops on the 26th February at Naracoorte, and the 28th February at Jamestown.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Electronic identification - Technology, data collection and using data
  • Connectivity & telemetry
  • Technical advances in pasture monitoring
  • Labour saving devices – shed design, sheep handlers.

Presentations will include technical experts and producers using some of the technologies.

Two Sheep Technology groups will be formed post these workshops, with expression of interest to be involved, being circulated at the workshops. Further details on the groups will be provided at the workshops.

Naracoorte Program

Jamestown Program

Enquiries to Ian McFarland, SCSA Manager – 0437 659 353