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Sheep diseases - the farmer guide

The popular publication 'Sheep diseases - the farmer guide' is currently available from PIRSA offices in very limited numbers. A copy of the guide however is available on-line here.


 For the latest information on parasites of sheep (flies, lice or worms) go to the ParaBoss website

Biosecurity SA

Biosecurity SA provides the latest information on diseases and sheep identification, movement and trading requirements

Sheep Health technical articles

1. Annual Ryegrass Toxicity
2. Breech Strike Prevention - an update
3. Breeding for Flystrike Resistance
4. Drenching sheep
5. Effective Drenching – the key to resistance prevention
6. Effective treatment to control lice
7. Foot problems in Sheep
8. Information is power when it comes to purchasing sheep
9. Lamb Vaccination
10. Lice cost you money
11. Mastitis in Ewes
12. Nutrition Critical in Avoiding Pregtox in Ewes
13. Rain bodes sheep worm and fly risk
14. Rain triggers worms
15. Shearing - the best time to eradicate lice
16. Sheep Lice
17. Silver leaf nightshade
18. The ‘Downer’ Ewe
19. Vaccination needle lengths
20. When to WormTest and when to drench
21. Worm Management for Weaners